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Red House

As the makers movement has gained traction in Vermont, a network of small businesses and craftspeople has grown into an passionate, collaborative community.  We are not only a part of this movement, but additionally get to encourage its growth by helping small businesses establish a spatial and visual identity that fits with their brand identity. Other times, we’re creating spaces for others to do unique and interesting work, as with our collaboration with Red House.

Red House is a small company started by Matt and Britt, makers of handcrafted waxed canvas bags and other contemporary home goods. Once they outgrew the spare bedroom that functioned as their very their first studio, they sought a new production space that matched their growth and would provide some separation from home. After finding a space at the Chase Mill, we worked with them to create a studio that not only allowed for easier production, but also provided a beautiful visual setting that allowed them to photograph their products daily.

red house blog 2.png
red house blog.png

 We started by creating workbenches in custom proportions for Matt and Britt to best do the work they love. We chose a simple, light-colored wood that keeps the room feeling bright and airy, and provides a clean backdrop for their creativity to develop. We also designed and fabricated custom steel brackets that support the natural butternut shelving. The mix of natural and man-made materials reflects the aesthetic of Red House and the rest of the Vermont makers movement. The shelves achieve a minimalist floating feel while still providing enough strength to hold materials and showcase Red House’s unique products. We loved helping Red House grow their business, and look forward to more opportunities to support others within the Vermont community of makers! ∆

Olivia Tubio